All auditions are by video. You can mail IYOSG a video or upload your video from this site. Please follow the following links for more detailed information:

Please visit CREATING YOUR VIDEO for step-by-step instructions and helpful hints on creating your audition video.

Videos – What to Include

When auditioning for IYOSG via video there are some things you should include and others that you shouldn’t. Videos tend to be between 5-10 minutes in length. Remember that your instructors’ are looking for short, sweet videos that indicate your level of musicianship.

Other suggestions include not over-rehearsing your video and being as natural as possible.

How Auditioning Works

After submitting your video and information application you will likely be notified via email, mail or telephone of your acceptance. At that time you will be sent a Workshop/Festival registration application to complete. Try and remain positive though your wait for our reply. Each submitted video is being carefully reviewed by the person who will be the instructor for the section of the orchestra for which you have applied. So it might be one or two weeks before you hear back about your audition.


Because you aren’t auditioning for the IYOSG workshop and festival in person, be sure and send in your video and application with plenty of time for it to be considered. Procrastinating or waiting until the last minute might mean your application isn’t in on time. If you want to be a member of this unique opportunity don’t leave anything to chance.

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