IYOSG offers two types of scholarships, “merit” awards based upon auditions each Fall and Spring, and “need-sensitive” awards, for which financial need is relevant but not the only factor IYOSG’s Scholarship Committee considers.

In the formation of the International Youth Orchestra Study Group, Inc. we identified a need in the classical music community – scholarships for young musicians. Growing from a review of young musicians in Pennsylvania we decided to award four (4) scholarships to each summer’s workshop/festival. An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer written by their music critic, Peter Dobrin stressed the point that there is a need, or desire, for more minorities to fill seats in large symphonic orchestra. It is for that reason, among others that the Scholarship Committee decided to offer the four, fully-paid scholarships. One will be available to each of the following ethnic groups: African-American, Asian, Caucasian and Latino.

Let’s face it: Making music better comes with a price. It may begin with practice and the benefit of a school music program as its foundation, but it takes step-up instruments, private lessons and summer music camp/workshop opportunities to take a young musician to the next level. Frequently families find it difficult to include those extras in their household budgets regardless of how committed they are to seeing their children advance to that next level in musicianship. Lacking the financial means, many talented future musicians simply can’t compete with their peers for important workshop training that help to define their musicianship. That’s the case for support of the IYOSG’s sensitive scholarship program – student’s who need a helping hand.

The International Youth Orchestra Study Group will begin accepting applications for the summer workshop in December of the year preceding the summer workshop. Please visit the section Scholarship Request to view descriptions, requirements and applications.

Please note that all requests must be from students within one of the four designated ethnic groups and who reside in a Pennsylvania County and attend Pennsylvania County schools (or who are home-schooled).

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