Corporate Vision

The International Youth Study Orchestra and its associated Festivals is an internationally-focused music education corporation. Operating as a multi-channel study system for talented youth who wish to perform at some point in their career’s as members of a symphony orchestra. the International Youth Study Orchestra has its own unique identity, brand strategy, student focus and educational strategy.

Corporate Philosophy

The directors of the International Youth Study Orchestra clearly recognize that the young student is paramount and that all actions and strategies must be directed toward providing the maximum benefit and learning experience.

Aggressive implementation of the company’s student-centric strategies, as well as careful and thorough curriculum planning, will provide all students with an important learning edge.

The International Youth Study Orchestra is committed to open and honest communications with our students, potential students, their local teachers and with its employees, vendors, and the news media. The orchestra seeks to be proactive in sharing information and in keeping our artistic groups up-to-date on important and material developments.

Our greatest strength lies in the skill, and experienced talent of our instructors. Every day our teachers provide an enormous magnitude of technical and personal information to the students. It is in the classrooms and beyond that our strategic goals are brought to life. Our priority for attracting, retaining and developing the most talented young musicians is and will continue to be our greatest challenge.

Corporate Educational Objectives

The objectives of the International Youth Study Orchestra, Inc. are:

  • To enhance the talent of our student
  • To prepare all students for the dream of performing in a large symphony orchestra
  • To provide a learning center each summer for all students as they leave their middle and high school
  • To increase the number of young musicians who wish to advance their classical music opportunities.
  • To maximize the opportunities for students to study with professional musicians who are employed by internationally-known symphony orchestras.
  • To increase the number of summer camps sponsored by the corporation.

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