Instructed by world-class musicians, music students from all over the world will gather to attend workshops and festivals. These events will be held during the summer of each year in the city of Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia area is known for its high level of dedication to quality symphonic music. Anchored by the world-famous Philadelphia Orchestra, other local orchestras in the area aim to achieve the same degree of mastery of the works they perform. Our students will have this degree of musicianship instilled in them.

The workshops will also be a place for friendship and unity through the universal language of music. Those attending the workshops and festivals will be truly the next generation of accomplished classical musicians.

Under the direction of Artistic Director Maestro Jae-Joon Lee, an internationally known and respected conductor who has spent years developing young musicians, his curriculum for the workshops will be challenging and fun. The curriculum include: sectional lessons, master classes, ensemble works and full orchestra training and performances.

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