The guiding ideas, goals and formation of the Youth Orchestra Study Camp and Festival are international in themselves. Originally the dream of a well-known conductor from the Far East, his dream was coalesced and brought to reality by an American, who himself was once the President and CEO of a large symphony orchestra.

They in turn have been joined by a teaching staff drawn from professionally trained and working musicians from both nationally known and local, but respected orchestras.

The Board of Directors brings their experiences in both public and private businesses to support the administrative structure of the corporation. A representative of a well-known Philadelphia legal firm represents the corporation and its accounting practices and records are in the hands of an equally respected CPA.

The Founders of the corporation have drawn upon an experienced-selected group of Advisors and volunteers to staff positions mandated by an explicit set of Bylaws and Operating Procedures.

The Day-to-Day operations of the Camp and its accompanying Festival are managed by Chambrés & Associates, Inc. a meeting planning and meeting management organization with more than three and one-half decades of national and international experience.

The International Youth Orchestra Study Camp, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the State of Pennsylvania.

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