The supporting staff of the International Youth Orchestra Study Group (IYOSG) has decades of experience in working with both young and professional musicians. Each member has been selected by request by of Maestro Jae-Joon Lee because of his awareness of the need for a training program to promote talented young musicians to the next level of their careers. The staff members of IYOSG reflect that understanding.

Their collective backgrounds are all based in the educational field. Each because of his or her background brings special talents to the overall purpose of the corporation. Reflected in their resumes is experience and direct educational relationships with universities and performing arts centers; orchestra and opera company management.

Our administrative level staff personnel are experienced and friendly with years of knowledge attained by working with youth. Our registration team was developed using software designed by one of our officers. Its sole purpose was to make registration quick, easy and at the same time comprehensive.

The corporate policy of IYOSG is that all levels of the staff must reflect the high levels of professionalism as set by the teaching instructors.

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